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The Power of Journaling

Updated: Aug 7, 2021

Assorted Notebooks

Unleashing the inner-creative through journaling is powerful means to become more acquainted with yourself and to rediscover the joys and the pains, the quirks and the heartbreaks, and the triumphs and the struggles of your own story. Each of us is creating a living, breathing story. Every day we learn more; we grow and change. Even those of us who don't consider ourselves to be fundamentally creative are. The creative power is part of being human. If you are new to creating your own music, visual art, blog, etc. journaling is a great way to start. Here's some suggestions to get that pen (or keys) moving.

1. Look for interactive journals.

Start Where You Are Cover

Interactive journals are a great way to start a creative practice. One of my personal favorites is Start Where You Are: A Journal for Self-Exploration by Meera Lee Patel. I have composed a list of five great books to get your creativity flowing on my personal blog. You can read the list here.

2. Get some high-quality paper and pens.

I generally encourage all my students to make the best with what they already have, but high-quality paper and pens

make a creative practice just that much easier. Some great lined journals are the webnotebook by Rhodia or a classic notebook by Moleskin. Whatever you use, look for paper that is 70 gsm or higher (80 or higher for fountain pens) and acid-free. For art journaling I suggest buying paper that higher weight, so that it can withstand water media with little rippling. I really like Strathmore Visual Journals. A new set of Prismacolor colored pencils might be just what you need! Or, go into your treasure box of old supplies and pull out ones that you haven't used in a while. Maybe it's time to get out your childhood crayons or your kids' markers and doodle. Investing in good supplies and tools will save your money in the long run.

3. Learn a totally new skill and blog about your progress.

It's normal to get "burnt out" on that one creative thing that we've been doing for years. That's a great time to learn

something new. For example, I always wanted to learn to watercolor, so I began doing it last year as part of the #100dayproject. A big problem for a lot of us is we judge ourselves too harshly and block our own progress. When we learn something new, we rekindle our excitement for the creative process. We can't wait to share our triumphs and discoveries with others. So if that piece you've been learning on guitar is frustrating the heck out of you why not try learning a new instrument or skill with us and blogging about it?

We will be holding our own #100dayproject this year. Starting this spring, join us this March for the Perennial Music and Arts #bloom30daychallenge where we will offer new prompts and activities every day for a month. More details about the challenge will on here on the blog soon!

Keep creating!


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