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Expert Areas:

Visual Communications, Computer Art, Marketing/Promotion

Service Area: Geneva, IL and Online

Education: VisCom and Public Administration, BA

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Spencer grew up in the 1980s just as graphic design moved from old-fashioned cut and paste techniques to our modern world of digital tools. Before he even began elementary school, Spencer's toys were rubber cement, X-Acto knives, cutting mats, and T-squares. By the time he reached elementary school, he was using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Pagemaker. Complementing his early start in visual communications, Spencer was also tutored in writing, rhetoric, public speaking, and narrative building.


From this rich extracurricular education by his family, he went on to further study these fields at the university level. As his understanding of how these tools were used out in the professional world grew his interests turned to first to marketing and advertising, then to the broader concepts of how organizations were constructed and interact with each other, as he sought to understand how the world works...or more importantly why doesn't work as intended.


In Spencer's experience working in the private, nonprofit, and public sectors, he found that nearly all organizational failures arose from poor communication. These failings often go beyond the trivial and the costs can be measured in dollars, jobs, and even human life. It is his firm belief that by advancing innovation in communications the world can be made a better place. For the better part of a century, mass media has been used and misused to manipulate, divide, and mislead rather than to empower, unify, and inform.


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