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Who We Are

More than just music teachers— We are Creativity Coaches.

Perennial Music & Arts provides supplemental education and coaching for 

children and adults interested in pursuing excellence in music. Additionally, we provide 

lessons and coaching for professional or semi-professional musicians interested 

in expanding their musical knowledge, understanding, and skills.


We specialize in formal piano lessons, vocal training, music theory, 

composition/production/songwriting, and the application of these skills

using Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software (e.g. Logic Pro, Ableton Live, 

Adobe Audition, or GarageBand).


We also provide additional coaching for students interested in

learning how to register their work with a Performing Rights

Organization (PRO) and independently distribute and

market their recorded work.


The world of music encompasses a wide range of skills,

technical abilities, and specializations. While we will offer lessons

in the areas in which we specialize to students of any skill level, we

prefer to offer lessons and coaching to students who are serious

about advancement of their technique and their craft, intend to continue

their musical education at a higher academic level, or are simply interested

in a deeper understanding of music theory — not an entertainment experience.

We gladly invite teen and adult beginners as well.


At Perennial, we believe that it is far preferable to begin learning proper

technique and a develop solid understanding of music theory as early as 

possible. This is crucial to prevent physical injury and increase musical 



The benefits of a deeper artistic understanding of music cross over into other

fields of study and have been scientifically shown to benefit mind and body

throughout life. This is why we chose the name “Perennial.” With solid roots,

you will sprout, grow, and bloom as a musician in a way that is unique to you.  


Simply put, musical study is rewarding and has many benefits,

but requires hard work, focus, and dedication.

As instructors, we intend to guide you to find the creative voice within you.

We bloom together!


June 1, 2019


From My Senior Recital at 

Judson University in December 2005.

Photo by my Dad, Glen Almen


Giving a Presentation as Graduate Assistant for the Computer Music Department at the Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University,

September 2010,

Photo by Yi Wang

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