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Music & Arts at the Movies – 5 More Composer Biopics for Movie Night

5 Romantic and Modern Composer Biopics

A Crowd Outdoors at a Waterfront Movie Night
Waterfront Movie Night

As we learned in the post, Music & Arts at the Movies – Composer Biopics for Movie Night, great music and the movies have gone together since the earliest days of cinema. Much of the "classical" music, we listen to and love today is composed for the screen, and arguable the most popular composer of today is John Williams (b. Feb, 8 1832), known for his music scores which have earned him—as of this writing—52 Academy Award nominations and five wins! We explored William's life and work in the post Happy Star Wars Day! The Man Behind Its Music – John Williams.

In today's post, we are not talking about the composers behind movie music but about movies that have brought composers to the big screen. I am listing five composer biopics featuring orchestral and chamber music composers from the Romantic (c. 1830–1920) and the Modern (c. 1890 to 1975) eras. This list is, of course, incomplete and is chronological order of when the featured composer(s) lived. Look for future music and arts movies to be featured in future posts!

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Streaming, Movie Night with a Click

I have included places where you can watch these movies in the U.S.A. for free legally in the descriptions. Search Just Watch for the film's name for all available streaming services (including subscription and pay services) available in your region. For more information about each individual film and its makers, see its Internet Movie Database (IMDB) listing given in Resources.


Before we get to the movies, a brief note:

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