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Perennial Music and Arts Goes Abroad!

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At the Soul Seed Gathering Chapter 1 (Lake Atitlán, Guatemala January 31 – February 5) I will be presenting a class on the human voice, breath, and the finding the unique “song” each of us holds within. I believe there are still a few spaces available. Come join us!


​​Finding the Song of Your Soul

In this session participants learn mantra techniques and basic song creation from songwriter, composer, and performer, Janae Jean. We will connect western music concepts with non-western healing traditions. We will see how shamans use music as magic and how we are transformed through our own vocal vibrations. Singing is the art of the breath and we will use our yogic breathing to find our own voices.

As a yogini and a vocalist, Janae knows first hand how the physical act of vocalizing leads to physical, emotional, and mental transformation. To quote DailyOm, “Singing is an act of vibration. It takes music from the realm of the unformed— whether that is in your mind or from that magical space of inspiration— and moves it from within to without.” I want to provide tools that will assist this process.

Previous singing experience is not necessary. The sessions will be a cathartic experience where participants learn how to get out what is buried deep within.We will start our soul-song journey by learning (or reaffirming) traditional mantra from around the world. Then we will each develop our own mantra that means something to us, which may be in English, another language, or even be gibberish.

We will then be free to take this a step further and expand our mantra into our mission, either by making a verse or creating a visual image to go along. Each participant’s journey will be personal and unique. Each woman will discover the Song of Her Own Soul; and each will sing it boldly as it empowers her to reach her highest potential.



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