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Five Creativity Challenges for Artists of All Ages This February

Here in Chicagoland, February is one bitterly cold, sometimes "blizzardy" month. Last February, we discovered local museums and zoos, as well as some online challenges to get inner-artists of all ages inspired in Free In February. This year, circumstances due to the on-going pandemic may be very different but that doesn't mean that this isn't the perfect time to continue to build your home art practice. Here are five challenges to help you to #BloomIn2021. No matter what you do never feel intimidated to share what you create. As we all have the powder to inspire one another.

(Note: Neither I, nor Perennial Music and Arts is affiliated with these challenges. See their links for full information.)

Now, Let's Get Inspired!


Calling ALL creatives! This project is for all kinds of artists. Sketchers, doodlers, guitar shredders, chefs, bakers, whatever kind of creator you are, you can join in to the challenge. The #THE100DAYPROJECT is a free, global art project. The objective is simple; create for 100 days and share your results online by using the hashtag. You may wish to be specific and create your own hashtag that pertains to your specific goal, such as #100daysofpractice or #100daysofwatercolor. You may also chose a less specific goal and simply want to jump back into being creative, that works too. It also is a great stepping point if you have a long term goal, such as writing a novel. You can work on it a little bit each day. This incremental process can make a big task feel less daunting.

For 2021, the project begins today, Jan. 31. Visit to learn more and sign up for their newsletter.