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Happy Earth Day!

DIY Shaker for Elementary School Kids

The musician all the way on the right in this Central American music ensemble is playing a pair of shakers called the "maracas."

For Earth Day, we celebrate the earth that includes celebrating world cultures and making crafts where we reduce, reuse, and recycle. This project was one of the one's we featured in our fun-filled day at 2016 World Fest at Woodlake Elementary. We use recycled paper plates, decorate them, and create our own shaker. This is a great craft to make at home or at school with elementary school-age kids.

The shaker is a musical instrument in the percussion family that creates sound by moving them back and forth in the air rather than striking them. Most may be struck as well to provide a greater musical accent. (In music, an accent is a beat that is stronger or louder.) Shakers are popular all around the Earth and played in many genres (or styles) of music. For this project, we used supplies that already had around to craft our own musical instrument and we decorate it to make our own work of art. A big thanks to our very special helper who created her own butterfly shaker!

Make Your Own Shaker!


1. Two small paper plates

2. Hand full of beans

3. Stapler

4. Washable Markers


1. Assemble your supplies

2. Place the beans on one of the plates

3. Carefully staple the plates togethers

4. Decorate your shaker

5. Have fun making music!


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